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You can access resources for your subjects, as well as information on Enrichment, PaWS and Tutorials, and other support services such as The Study Centre, Library and Learning Support, by logging in below to Moodle, our virtual learning environment.
Login to Moodle using your network username and password - this is the information that you use to login to a computer in college.

If you experience problems logging in please email: moodle-support@greenhead.ac.uk
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ABSENCE LINE - 01484 435687. Absences due to illness must be reported on each day of absence by calling the absence line.

ABSENCES PLANNED IN ADVANCE - ALL students must complete and return an orange Notification of Absence (NOA) form, available from the Student Registration Office (C block) or Reception.
Transport Information - www.wymetro.com | Voting - Register to vote | Beat crime - Register your phone

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